Exploring Faith

In chatting with, and listening to, people in the Church and Parish our minister is increasingly aware that people have issues, questions and thoughts about the Christian faith.

A series of get-togethers will explore these concerns.

Time:    7.30pm – 9pm.  (venue to be confirmed)

Dates:   Wednesdays 7th 14th & 28th of June


The 1st Neilston Boys' Brigade Annual Inspection and Display will take place at 7pm on Friday, 2nd of June, in Neilston Parish Church Halls. 

All are most welcome to come along and enjoy the evening with refreshments served after the display.

Our Summer Fair this year will be on Saturday 10th June from 10.00am - 12.00noon and take place in the Church Halls. There will be various stalls  and refreshments available .

More details will follow, but put the date in your diary !

Holiday Club 2017 is ‘Landlubbers’


The holiday club is for all primary aged school children.  

It is a fun time with games, songs, crafts, bible stories, small groups, fab fruit refreshments and so much more.

The setting this year is a desert island.  We will meet Captain Yoho and Captain Heave Ho along the way!

We are running Wednesday 9th to Friday 11th August from 6.30pm to 8.30pm in the church halls. 

Then on the morning of Saturday 12th there will be a celebration for all the family.

Forms to apply to get involved in the team are available on the book board.

Getting involved could be in the team who will work with the children during the week or working on the preparations for the club.

If you have not been involved in holiday club before but would like some more information please speak to Fiona our minister for more details.  

If you would like to get working on either of the tasks above again please let Fiona know ASAP.